Latest COVID-19 updates

August 12th, 2020:

The WHO recently announced that routine dental care should not be sought during this time. Our practice, stands in support of the American Dental Association, in rejecting this sentiment. We believe that dental health is part of total health, and that routine dental care not only addresses any current dental ailments, but also, prevents future ones.


We are committed to stand by our patients through and beyond this pandemic.

In a time of unprecedented waters in navigating this pandemic, our practice is taking permanent measures moving forward to ensure your visit is safe and protected.


Temperature checks for everyone. Doctors, assistants, patients alike. Anyone who enters our office with a high fever is kindly sent home to return another time.


Individual, isolated rooms have always been present at our practice, to ensure total privacy and separation from others.


Pre-appointment and day of screening to determine if any patients are experiencing any flu-like symptoms, has encountered someone with COVID-19 in the last 2 weeks, etc. 


Personal protective equipment (commonly known as PPE) has always been worn by our team, but with better masks and gowns, every patient is protected from the moment they walk through our doors.